About the Country Images Camera Club

Where We Meet

IMPORTANT: For the 2016-2017 season meetings, workshops, and judgings will take place at the Newmarket Community Centre (200 Doug Duncan Drive, Newmarket) in Hall 1. Watch the sidebar and google calendar for any changes.


  • President Chuck Carson (416-464-1249)
  • Treasurer Ann White (905-476-2751)
  • Competitions/Web Master Chris Goldsmith (905-895-2935)
  • Outings Wendy Holden (905-726-3749), Doug Wright (905-778-1313), Steve Ansell (905-830-0963)
  • Media Relations and Membership Karin Adams
  • Greater Toronto Council Of Camera Clubs Representative Chuck Carson

Contact Us

Please direct correspondence as follows...
General and Membership Related - membership.cicc@gmail.com
Competition Related (including entries) - countryimagescompetition@gmail.com.


After serving a term as President of a large camera club in Toronto. I felt that York Region could support a camera club in the northern area of the region. There was already a club established in the southern portion of the region. I set up a team comprising of Jim Spurgeon, Rosanne Baumhard and Sue Curtis to serve as the club's first Board of Directors. During the summer of 1984, we put together a program of speakers and workshops. As we expected 40 to 50 members in our first year, a schoolroom in a local school was booked. It was felt that if we had a core of 20 or so enthusiastic photographers the club would be a success. On our opening night we had a turnout of 85 people! What a turnout, in a classroom that typically holds 30 - 40 people. People were sitting in the aisles on the windowsills, anywhere that they could park themselves. The club has grown steadily and matured. At one point we had 126 members making it the second largest camera club in the Greater Toronto area. Unlike a lot of camera clubs, our average age is quite young. Thus Country Images Camera Club was born.

Harry Cartner.

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